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Anait Vardoumian


Dear Parents and guardians,


First and foremost, I wish to thank you all for your support and understanding as we, as a nation, school district, and community, responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19. I am proud of the way in which our teachers, students, parents, and community leaders handled the demands that we were faced with to protect everyone as we continued to educate our students during the most unusual of circumstances.


Schools will reopen on August 18, 2020 to provide remote instructions. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our students and staff; therefore, all students will be remotely participating in the learning of new material, continued rigorous standard-based instructions, interactive lessons, graded assignments, and assessments.


We look forward to continued growth, and we are confident that with the partnership of our wonderful parents and strong community, we will collaboratively support all of our students to meet grade-level academic standards and perform at proficient or advanced levels.  Throughout the year, parents will have multiple opportunities to participate in virtual meetings and workshops that will provide practical ideas on how to help students be successful at school during distance learning. 

We look forward to working together with you as partners to assist  your child experience a positive and successful year.  

We know this is a difficult time for many, however, we will do our best to help and support our students and families as we overcome the pandemic and the unexpected obstacles to ensure that your child receives a rigorous education in a safe learning environment.  Let’s not forget, Valerio St. Elementary School is the Home of the Eagles where Every Student Soars like an Eagle!


Finally, I encourage you to frequently visit our website and social media accounts for the latest school information. Stay connected!



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Anait Vardoumian

Proud Principal of Valerio Street Elementary School    


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