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Division of Special Education: Our Mission Statement

 "The mission of the Division of Special Education is to provide leadership, guidance, and support to the school community in order to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society."

Special Education

The Special Education Process:

The Special Education process determines whether or not your child is eligible for special education services and if so, what Special Education services are most appropriate for your child.

There are four (4) basic steps in the special education process:

1. Referral for Assessment

2. Assessment

3. Development and Implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

4. IEP Review

Click HERE for more detailed information on the Special Education Process.

Parent Resources

Maria Diez, Assistant Principal, E.I.S. 

Mrs. Diez

Mrs. Diez is at Valerio from 7:30-4:30 every Thursday & Friday and alternating Monday/ Tuesday 

Special Education Staff

Maria Diez, Assistant Principal, E.I.S. on campus every Thursday & Friday and alternating Monday/ Tuesday's from 7:30-4:30pm 

Kimberly Morris, Resource Specialist Teacher

Patricia McCormack, Resource Specialist Teacher

Brenda Parra, PAL Teacher

Emma Klein, PAL Teacher

Kiersten Cluster, PAL Teacher

Shannon Nail, PAL Teacher

Samuel Campos, PAL Teacher

Katherine Penders, Special Ed Teacher Grades TK-2

Elsie Torres- Marroquin, Special Ed Teacher Grades 3-5

Kathryn Oster, School Psychologist 

Lorena Pola, Language and Speech

Zerin Zakaria, Language and Speech

Lisa Shirin Golshani, Occupational Therapy

Lucki Davis, Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

Helen Josen, Vision Teacher

Ashley Aitken, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Teacher

Katelyn Ganev, Physical Therapist