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The Student Links has fun academic activities and games that redirect you away from our website.   Some of these website may contain advertising.  We are very happy that your are actively involved in your child's education and we encourage you to visit these websites with your child and take this opportunity to spend some quality time together.  In addition, it is always good practice for parents to supervise their children when they are using online resources. Remember, when you click on any one of the links, you will leave this website. Please note that we are not responsible for any content posted on these websites or for the design of these websites.

Virtual Field Trips

Mount Rushmore

mt rushmore

If you can't load up the school bus or the family car to see Mount Rushmore in person, take them on a 360 degree panoramic tour of Mount Rushmore. This famous U.S. landmark is one every student should learn about and see for themselves from a historical perspective and a geographical one as well.


Click Here to explore Mount Rushmore

The Liberty Bell

liberty bell

As children learn the concept of patriotism, representation of it is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. when you send them on a virtual field trip to the Liberty Bell. Look at photos, learn facts and see a 360-degree panoramic view of the Liberty Bell from all angles.


Click here to explore the Liberty Bell.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

natural history

Over 30 million visitors walk through the doors of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History each year. If you and your students can't be one of them, take a virtual field trip through the halls to see this beautiful museum and some of its massive exhibits.


Click here to explore the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

The White House

white house

Every student should have a chance to visit the White House. Get even more up close to this magnificent building than in-person tourists with a virtual tour of the White House. See a 360-degree view of more than a dozen rooms (that are not on the official tour).


Click here to explore the White House.

The Louvre

the lourve

Oui! Let's go to France. The Louvre is world famous for its architecture and the invaluable art it houses in more than 650,000 square feet of space. Tour the Louvre's many corridors. Navigate this site's many virtual tours of the Louvre to explore the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries.


Click here to explore the Louvre

Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace


Hop across the pond to take a panoramic virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. From the grand staircase to the art room, the visuals are give you a great perspective of the grandeur of the majestic residence.


Click here to explore Buckingham Palace.

The Pyramids

the pyramid

You can take a trip to Egypt without even needing a passport. There are many ways to tour the pyramids of Egypt online. All give you the chance to teach students about Egypt's rich and interesting history.


Click here to explore the Pyramids.



Student Resources

Online Resources

Colleges & Universities
Click on the college name below to learn more about that University/College Click here to view the virtual tour of each University/College
CSUN CSUN Virtual Tour, click on video guide at each stop
UCLA UCLA Virtual Tour
CSULA Cal State LA Virtual Tour
USC USC Virtual Tour
 Valley College  
Moorpark College  
Pierce College  


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Technology Resources for Families

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